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Dr. Zielsdorf audio interview: Sub clinical hypothyroidism

Dr. Zielsdorf practices functional medicine. Functional Medicine works on how to make changes in the body given the products you are taking.

Courtesy of Mark Drugs
“The Doctor and the Pharmacist” Radio hour

2-11-17 Topics:
My Guests today are Dr. Sarah Zielsdorf and Nurse practitioner Roxanna Calafos ( Ph.(630) 226-9303
Roxanna will be assisting Dr. Zielsdorf
A current study showed that pregnant women with sub clinical hypothyroidism and receiving treatment had lower chance of pregnancy loss but a higher chance of pre-term delivery. The study did not differentiate between women having boys vs girls. Women carrying boys in general are more likely to have hypothyroidism, which is a weakness of this study.
Dr. Zielsdorf practices functional medicine. Functional Medicine works on how to make changes in the body given the products you are taking. A Mast cell is a form of white blood cell (granulocytes) produced by bone marrow containing granules that can be toxic. The body uses these for blood clotting, to fight infections, etc. Mast Cells have signals and if they contact a receptor (allergens or bad bacteria, etc.) they try to destroy it. Normally this works fine in the body but in some cases such as peanut allergies, the Mast Cells can overreact. Allergic reactions to pollen or other environmental toxins require that Mast Cells be inhibited. You do not want to suppress Mast Cells too much as they do good things in the body. There is some evidence that Alzheimer’s may have a relationshop to Mast Cells, but this is not yet confirmed. There are numerous Mast Cell inhibitors available today, which effect specific allergic reactions.
Steps in allergic patient diagnosis are: patient history, blood analysis, cell lines, patterns contributing to inflammation, and gene testing. With an Anti-inflammatory diet, eliminate the following:
· Milk
· Eggs
· Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod)
· Crustacean shellfish (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp)
· Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans)
· Peanuts
· Wheat.
· Soybeans.
Dr. Zielsdorf recommends the following to calm the immune system:
A wash out period of 4 to 6 weeks. During this period eliminate the following – grains, sugar and dairy. This is a good starting point prior to seeing a doctor for allergic issues.
Dangers of Mast Cell inhibitors: Mast Cells perform wound healing, new blood cell formation, immune tolerance, defense against bad bacteria and blood brain barrier. There are over the counter Mast Cell inhibitors available today, but you must be careful when taking these. It is recommended that you work with a skilled practitioner and use only vetted products. Many online products do not meet this standard – be careful.
Todays Call in Questions:
1. Our first Caller is sensitive to formaldehyde exposure causing severe distress. Your body must breakdown formaldehyde to eliminate it. The ability to break this down is genetic. We recommend an anti-inflammatory diet – see above information.
2. Would Dr. Zielsdorf want to take on a colon cancer patient? Dr. Zielsdorf would be a supporting doctor but not a primary care doctor for cancer patients. She specializes in Functional medicine

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