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Welcome to IPD, A Center of Excellence in Care

Experience JOY! IPD is committed to providing services that will help create mental, physical and spiritual health allowing for optimal purpose and meaning in your life.
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Who We Are & How We Can Help

Mind.   Body.   Soul.
Our goal is to restore & improve your health.

Over 30 clinicians in 5 Chicagoland locations.
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At The Institute for Personal Development (IPD) we focus on state of the art care. We provide counseling, psychotherapy and advanced psychiatric and neuro-psychiatric evaluations and treatments. Our multidisciplinary team of highly experienced clinicians helps individuals facing mental health, emotional, alcohol and substance use problems, as well as well-being care. IPD has become one of the most reputable, outpatient, mental health clinics in the Midwestern United States.

We have many closely located clinics, which means IPD can often accommodate a patient

We want to make a large impact on the communities we serve, and accept almost all major insurances, making care accessible today! Call Today – (815) 942-6323 for more information.

Personal Exploration Group Group therapy developing new methods of coping with stress, anxiety, and depression

With Nicolette Mireles, LCPC
Thursdays at 6 PM, IPD Romeoville.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Having fun with DBT Teaching skills to create the life you want to live!

With Dr. Bob Wiltz and Catherine Gianan
Mondays from 12-1pm at our Morris location

Our Team

Our treatment team consist of over 35 clinicians including psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, licensed clinical professional counselors, and nurse practitioners.  Our team of clinicians are professional and well trained with scientific knowledge of useful treatment techniques. Such techniques can be used to assist individuals to cope with stressful situations in the home, work, school and community. Working through any crisis lies an opportunity to grow and become stronger!  We stress treating the whole person mind, brain, body and spirit.


Our Approach

IPD provides services that are individualized for each and every client. Our clinicians are highly trained and focus on a thorough evaluation of the cause of your emotional pain. We examine problems in an individual’s relationships, job and life. We will understand the environment in which they grew up and how this may have effected how they view the world.  We understand the value system which they hold dear.  We evaluate if they are on medications which could make them feel bad, if they might have a medical disorder which effects how they feel or if they have a brain chemistry problem which is causing them to feel bad and distort the way they see and experience the world. Once a thorough evaluation is completed a treatment plan is designed and discussed with the individual and (with the patients permission) the family.  We identify treatments which are scientifically proven to be effective in the condition or conditions which you have presented and then we “get to work”.

It is important to us that you OBTAIN RESULTS AND IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE! Our goal is to assist with alleviating emotional pain and suffering for individuals, families and communities. Our plan for treatment is to improve each individual’s quality of life.  Within treatment, we use traditional and complementary approaches with the highest level of clinical and ethical standards.

Our Services

Individual Counseling, Psychiatric and Neuro-psychiatric Evaluations, Medication Evaluations and Medication Management, Couples Counseling, Family Counseling and Group Therapies. Institute for Personal Development is a certified Therapy specializing in For Patients, depression, counseling, therapist, rehabilitation and much more in Morris, IL. We also do Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Individual Therapy, Child Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Counseling, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Depression, Stress, Grief, Anger Management, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Self Esteem, Domestic Violence, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Suicide, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and all work related in the 60450 area and surrounding areas of Morris IL, Joliet IL, Ottawa IL, Romeoville IL, Plainfield IL, Shorewood IL, Oak Brook IL, Naperville IL, Bolingbrook IL and Chicago.

In line with offering the most cutting edge treatments, IPD now offers TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION (TMS) a state of the art FDA cleared, non-drug, treatment for difficult to treat depression (one of few in the state)!   We can find a way to make this affordable to you and begin your treatments immediately even before your insurance gives us approval! Call Kristi our TMS Authorization Specialist (815) 942-6323 ext. 251.