Having Fun with DBT Group

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Having Fun with DBT Group
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches skills to create the life you want to live by learning to change what you can and accept the unchangeable.

Join Bob Wiltz, Ph.D. and Catherine Gianan, FNP and practice 5 skills in 10 weeks and laugh as you learn.


  • Self-validation: How to understand and appreciate your thoughts, feelings,
    and behaviors.
    • Assertiveness: How to effectively 1nake requests or say no and inake it stick.
    • Wise Mind: How to train your brain and make room for your heart.
    • Emotion Regulation: How to change your e1notions through opposite action.
    • Radical Acceptance: How to fully accept what may seem intolerable but isnot going to change

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Contact our Intake Department at (815) 942-6323 rr speak with the staff at the front desk.

Covered by most insurance plans.

Self Pay rate is $25 per group meeting.